Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet little Sammy

The sweetest little girl. This's my 2nd year photographing her, not sure if I've posted her pixs last year when she turn two here yet. The little one's turning three and honestly I love her so much more at the age of three. We told her mom that we could take care of her whenever her mom's busy.
The pictures were taken in our garden. Oh how much I love my garden and I really think it's the best place to take pictures. I will dedicate one post for my garden only. Soon.
IMG_3103 copy
IMG_3077 copy
IMG_3076 copy
IMG_3035 copy
IMG_3037 copy
IMG_2972 copy
IMG_2936 copy
IMG_2890 copy
IMG_2905 copy
IMG_2898 copy
IMG_2870 copy
IMG_2813 copy
IMG_2807 copy

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Linh & Thi

They're the cutest couple.. Check them out yourself:
IMG_2430 copy
IMG_2431 copy
IMG_2292 copy
IMG_2325 copy
IMG_2327 copy
IMG_2333 copy
IMG_2201 copy
IMG_2288 copy
IMG_2295 copy


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