Monday, July 23, 2012

562215_10150812755326186_1274880465_n The most adorable family picture, don't you think?? IMG_9472 copy IMG_9391 copy IMG_9374 copy IMG_9347 copy IMG_9340 copy IMG_9319 copy IMG_9479 copy IMG_9304 copy IMG_9279 copy IMG_9245 copy IMG_9264 copy You can tell that I'm in love with the older sister, D. is a wonderful pretty little girl. IMG_9405 copy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


S. is the most gorgeous grad. this year...;0) She's graduating with a master in so admirable. IMG_2408 copy IMG_2384 copy IMG_2379 copy IMG_2425 copy IMG_2353 copy IMG_2321 copy IMG_2363 copy IMG_2500copy IMG_2525 copy IMG_2526 copy


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