Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family time

So I've not had time to post any family photos up on this blog. I picked the Smiths to be our first family on here. They were fun to hang out with and the children were amazingly beautiful, esp. the little girl. Her mom said she's lost her smile for the day but that is just exactly how I want her to be. I still am in love with her big beautiful eyes.

Alexis & Preston

So the couple are friends of Jade. They saw her pictures and wanted some for themselves. I guess beautiful people hang out with each other, they're such a beautiful couple and they were so good at taking pictures. They were comfortable with the camera, especially Alexis. I think we will have some shoot together again soon. Here are some of the pictures that I have had time to edit, a lot more to come.

Jade (cont.)

So I didn't have a chance to load all the photos from the little session with Jade. Everything was so perfect that day that the results came out amazing. The model was the best, the location was really nice, perfect weather. I had such a hard time picking out my favorites, so here are some more so I might get some help to pick out the best ones.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

summer time and children

I love love love love children...and don't even get me close to one cause I'll be taking them away (joking). But what is better than cute little girls and boys running in dresses and shorts through the sprinklers? Or eating an ice cream? Or wearing those flowery hats and singing their songs? If I could, I would love to just take pictures of children and nature only. But there are more beautiful things in life also, so I'm taking them all. Some of the later children pictures that I've taken in the summer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer time and beautiful girl

So I've had the chance to got out and met up with Ms. Jade after our three weeks of raining in Utah. Well, the rain brought all the beautiful things, fields and fields of wild flowers. One of the field I fell in love with was right next to my bf's house. We took her there, we also went to the rail road near by. I am still in love of how the photos turned out...Jade's such a beautiful model, I loved her outfit, she knows how to put the emotion in to the picture. Did I mention I love love love her outfit, she got out of the car and I was like.." Wow..." I knew right then that the photo shoot was going to go well. So lets dig in..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fresh start

So I've decided to create a blog where it is easier for people to view my photographic works. This is a first start (hopefully for something good). Summer is already half-past and I am still in the middle of the plan of getting my name out to the photography world. So here we go...some of the most recent nature works that I've done... I started as a nature photographer for a while now (who doesn't love nature?) then I started to get models. I love taking photos that show the person's personality. I alwasy prefer them to have their own poses, their own movements and emotions. But that'd be discussed later. Here come some more nature...


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