Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sinks

The weather's been so bad lately that any photoshoots outdoor ended up with the kids crying. I always feel so bad for them and I really need to buy a personal heater or something I can carry with me to the photoshoots and keep the kids warm. We met the Sinks on a crazy snowy day too, the photos didn't turn out as we expected with the new location and all but they were willing to do a reshoot and I think I'm happy with the end results we've got.
IMG_8990 copy1
IMG_9057 copy
L1000027 copy1
lacee's (128) copy
0B4V9003 copy
0B4V8960 copy
doesnt the window reminds you of Thomas Kinkade's painting?
lacee's (133)copy
lacee's (78)copy1
lacee's (14) copy1

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winter's love

Slades, my last photoshoot with a bit of fall left behind, it's been so cold here in Utah and I really need to get my gears ready for winter photoshoot, can't wait for bright beautiful scarf, gloves, hats and the best are children's pink cheek, bright eyes and snow ballss... I miss fall tho, and the beautiful yellow, orange... It'll come back.

One of my fav. shots from the session
IMG_9477 copy
IMG_9395 copy1
I love his eyes so so so much
My other fav. shot
IMG_7911 copy
IMG_7889 copy
I also love this one, ( I really can't pick favorite )
IMG_7864 copy
Last but not least
IMG_7857 copy1

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Vincents...ahh...such a lovely family, so sweet, so full of love. We had so much fun with them and there was nothing I could complain about the photoshoot. The sun was amazingly beautiful, the leaves brightly lit and the smiles were heart warming. This is definitely what I live for.
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents
the Vincents

Monday, November 9, 2009

Creative photoshoot

I am so excited I have to go and post some images from our Saturday photo session. Stacey is a professional model that just moved back home from L.A. She's been having ideas and designing her own dresses so she'd asked me to be the photographer. Of course I was all up for that. We started the session a bit late and it was ohhh.... so... cold.... Stacey was the bravest, she was amazing in the wind with only her thin dresses on and never a complain. I've got a chance to take some pictures of her little sister during the shoot also. Beauty and creative mind runs in this family, Stacey's older sister is one of my clients and her family session turned out beautifully...so let's dig in.
The one I like best so far
spring goddess
I give you fire..
this is the sister, I was telling them she should be a model too..
Is it me you're looking for??
winter queen
spring goddess
or is this one the best?? well, there are still many more to edit, I can't decide what I like best now.
I give you life
winter queen

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time for the Larsons. The session with them is one of the easiest photo sessions I've done so far. The girls were way sweet and knew what they were doing, I love this family. Oh, and such love between the parents, I thought I was photographing newlywed couple and they had three kids together. Their love is really something to be jealous of.


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