Monday, November 9, 2009

Creative photoshoot

I am so excited I have to go and post some images from our Saturday photo session. Stacey is a professional model that just moved back home from L.A. She's been having ideas and designing her own dresses so she'd asked me to be the photographer. Of course I was all up for that. We started the session a bit late and it was ohhh.... so... cold.... Stacey was the bravest, she was amazing in the wind with only her thin dresses on and never a complain. I've got a chance to take some pictures of her little sister during the shoot also. Beauty and creative mind runs in this family, Stacey's older sister is one of my clients and her family session turned out let's dig in.
The one I like best so far
spring goddess
I give you fire..
this is the sister, I was telling them she should be a model too..
Is it me you're looking for??
winter queen
spring goddess
or is this one the best?? well, there are still many more to edit, I can't decide what I like best now.
I give you life
winter queen

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