Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainy day

Rainy day
These summer afternoons when the rain suddenly comes, I can't help but fall in the world of my own reminisce. I miss afternoon like this, when the rain comes and goes unexpectedly, when all things get washed and cleaned and then shine brighter than ever. Oh how I miss the earthly smell right when the rain comes, the strong unmistakable smell of the sun being washed away. Mom used to tell me not to breath that smell in, it'd make me sick but I didn't care, I loved that smell too much.
Then the wetness, the lustful green of a tropical country was wrapping around me like a fresh shawl. I don't know how I could live without those rainy afternoons for the past ten years.
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During school at even a young age, when the rain comes I would find myself a hidden balcony spot, away from all the running yelling friends to sit, look, listen, feel, and take all my rain in.
My rain, my tropical country, my love, my heart, my childhood, all that I've left behind; they come back to me on these rainy afternoons. Please don't stop the rain.
SLC on a rainy day.

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