Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A happy reunion

A long lost friend was looking for a photographer and somehow she stumbled upon me. I was so glad she found me and way happy to be the witness to the start of their new life. They're getting married soon, best wishes to the new life.
This is her in Vietnamese traditional dress
IMG_0331 copy
IMG_0158 copy
back to Western style
IMG_0517 copy
IMG_0479 copy
IMG_0484 copy
IMG_0492 copy
IMG_0499 copy
IMG_0501 copy
IMG_0507 copy
IMG_0513 copy
IMG_0440 copy
IMG_0450 copy
IMG_0378 copy
IMG_0386 copy
IMG_0398 copy
IMG_0409 copy
IMG_0434 copy


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