Monday, January 11, 2010

Jessa, love this girl...I had a blast with her and her family the day after xmas. Such a beautiful little girl with amazing eyes.
Lately, I can't ever carry out the images I have in my head to my actual photos because of the winter. It's too cold for the kids or anybody else to put on the outfits I want them to put on...What to do, what to do...
IMG_9779 copy
IMG_9770 copy1
IMG_9775 copy
IMG_9767 copy
IMG_9759 copy
her family
IMG_0533 copy
IMG_0525 copy
these images are taken with my new lensbaby, it's such a fun addition to my lens collection
IMG_0488 copy
IMG_0484 copy
IMG_0479 copy
IMG_0455 copy
IMG_0472 copy
Then I took these with the polaroid cameras, I've been inseparable with my poraloid camera for a while now..
let's enjoy 2010

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