Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Clements (library fun)

Not sure if I've mentioned this, but I love love love this big family. I've photographed 5 sisters and their own family. The family has 6 sisters total, I'm hoping to have a chance to photograph the last sister who lives in Florida (if I remember this right). Besides the obvious fact that they're beautiful, they're so fun to photograph and so natural that make photographing them the easiest job on earth. The kids are so fun and cute. E. lives in Texas and on her trip back to Utah with her kids, we had a chance to meet up and had a way fun photo session. A week after I had a chance to photograph her sister K. and her kids from New Mexico, the photos will come soon. I'm way behind with my blog.
emily (67) copy3
this is the picture on their xmas card
emily (105)copy2
emily (114) copy
emily (130) copy1
emily (145) copy1
emily (187) copy1
emily (162) copy1
emily (224) copy1
love this one
emily (238) copy2
emily (245) copy2
emily (9)copy
emily (55) copy4
emily (62) copy

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