Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sinks

The weather's been so bad lately that any photoshoots outdoor ended up with the kids crying. I always feel so bad for them and I really need to buy a personal heater or something I can carry with me to the photoshoots and keep the kids warm. We met the Sinks on a crazy snowy day too, the photos didn't turn out as we expected with the new location and all but they were willing to do a reshoot and I think I'm happy with the end results we've got.
IMG_8990 copy1
IMG_9057 copy
L1000027 copy1
lacee's (128) copy
0B4V9003 copy
0B4V8960 copy
doesnt the window reminds you of Thomas Kinkade's painting?
lacee's (133)copy
lacee's (78)copy1
lacee's (14) copy1

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